Cocaine burnout


The United Kingdom uses more cocaine than almost any country in Europe.

In Paul’s case, Cocaine enabled him to work longer hours. Over decades of use, he built up a successful business. But, in the process he , “lost the will to live.”

Is cocaine addictive?

Cocaine is addictive. There is misinformation that it is not addictive and therefore a safer drug to use, but DARA Rehab alone has treated over three hundred people for cocaine addiction in 2019.

“The drug is more expensive and therefore perceived as a safe drug of choice,” says Kim Laurence, who is registered psychotherapist from New Zealand.

“But, that’s a fallacy. Studies on cocaine use and mental health have linked it to psychiatric comorbidity. In some cases a user may have anxiety or depression, but their drug use can make it more difficult for them to acknowledge how they are feeling and to ask for help.”

Who uses cocaine?

Drug surveys indicate cocaine use is more popular than ever, as a more accessible and affordable drug.

Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson admits to using Cocaine in university but has made claims it had ‘no effect’.

Ultimately people can lie or withhold information about their drug use.

The reliability of interviews and surveys is skewed by what people are willing to share.

The sewage system however, does not rely on honesty –

Researchers in the United Kingdom find higher levels of cocaine in the sewerage systems on weekends, than weekdays.

Ultimate cocaine has been increasing in Britain’s water samples since 2012. Use has found to have increased in both cities and rural areas.

One study even found levels of Cocaine and drug Ketamine in shrimp.


Signs of cocaine addiction

Increased privacy
Mood swings
Risk-taking behavior
Altered sleep habits
Financial issues
Weight loss

Prolonged use of the drug can result in depression, loss of joy, mental fatigue and burnout.

If you are concerned about your own cocaine use, or you know someone who may need help, please reach out.

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