Ireland’s growing drug problem


The Heroin Epidemic in inner city Dublin started in 1979. Decades have passed but Ireland, like many places around the world, still has an unhealthy relationship with drugs.

As well as heroin, Ireland is documented to have high rates MDMD, cannabis and cocaine use.

Ireland is also documented to have one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption.

According to statistics from The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the rate of ‘first use’ to treatment phases for many drug dependencies is in the range of ten years.

Aran’s own story is not dissimilar. He started to develop an unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol  in university but it wasn’t until later in life he sought help.


What did Aran lose because of addiction?

“I lost my future really,” says Aran who “found it easy to slip in with the wrong crowd at university.”

His drug use and parallel decline in mental health caused him to drop out of university. And, for Aran, “I lost the future that degree would have held.”

His story is relatable for many people with considerable dependencies who find it challenging to hold a job or maintain standards of study while they have substance abuse issues.

Drug use to rehab trends in Ireland

Drug use is Ireland is problematic. The rate from first use to yearly entry to treatment is documented to be around ten years for many drugs.
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Why leave Ireland for rehab?

Choosing a rehab that’s right for you is important. In Aran’s case he considered rehabs in Ireland but was deterred by what they offered. Publicly funded options had long waiting lists.

“I would have probably been on a waiting list for a year, and that’s a year that may have taken away my life.”

“The only options available were religiously orientated programs. For me – I don’t think religiously based programs would work.”

Walk in Aran's shoes

What is the DARA Rehab experience like? Find out.

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