Lifestyle Balance in Recovery

Lifestyle Balance in Recovery

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Lifestyle Balance in Recovery – There are many things which seem obvious in life but are in fact deadly serious in recovery. Finding a balance in all things in our lifestyle is essential to continues recovery. For people who have not had problems with substance abuse, the “luxury” of over-doing it in one aspect of life or another results in a bad mood, a sore back, or a day of being tired. For those of us in recovery, over-doing it can mean compromising our recovery and potentially relapsing. It is essential that we find a balance in all things.

This idea is an old one. It dates as far back to the Greeks who held the idea of balance to be something of a philosophical ideal. One of things of first importance to me was the balance between social activities and time alone. Especially coming out inpatient treatment where I was surrounded by other people, I really needed to make certain I did not begin isolating myself. We need to remember that isolation is a symptom of addiction. Spending time alone, doing things like meditating or simply being quiet is a healthy way of re-charging our batteries. And we need to socially interact with others. It is the healthy give and take with other people which keeps shaping our ideas and mental health.

Striking A Lifestyle Balance in Recovery

Striking a balance between work and relaxation is also important. If you are lucky enough to derive real satisfaction from your work, this is fantastic. But you still need to take time to relax. Over-working ourselves leads to mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion and these are dangers to sobriety and recovery.

Lifestyle Balance in Recovery

Maintaining a healthy balance between what we should be doing and what we want to be doing is also essential. I have known plenty of people who let themselves get caught up in the “should” to the exclusion of what they want. At the same time, overly indulging what we want can be just as bad. When we become absorbed in what we think we should be doing, we are letting others rule our lives. When life becomes all about what we want, we are heading for disappointment (or indolence at the least). This is really just a good balance of making good on our obligations and indulging ourselves when we deserve some fun or something we want. Just paying attention to where your energy is invested will guide you in this.

Since both exercise and relaxation are powerful tools for recovery, striking a balance with these things is crucial. No one is going to tell you exercise is not a good. It just is, and what is more, it can be a social activity as well. But it is important to balance this with some healthy rest. Obviously, exercise to the point of injury is a bad idea. I have friends who are runners and they are constantly hurting themselves by pushing things too far. They are also not in recovery. They can afford to deal with these problems. Those of us in recovery need to guard against over-doing exercise. Rest is just as important. Taking time to be still, to take a nap, or to go on easy walks is an essential part of exercise and recovery.

DARA Rehab Can Help In Your Recovery

Much of this appears as common sense, but in our zeal to return to a “normal” life, it is easy to lose sight of the simple idea of balance. As I said, this was a philosophical and spiritual ideal, once upon a time. We can value balance now as much as the ancients once did. Our continued recovery may depend on it.  

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Gabapentin – A New Drug of Abuse

Gabapentin – A New Drug of Abuse

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Have You Ever Heard of Gabapentin?

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with addictive prescription medications like opioids (Hydrocodone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Codeine) and anti-anxiety meds (Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin). Have you ever heard of Gabapentin?

Locales around the world – including the United States, Australia, and Asia – have reported that prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Millions of people across the globe are addicted to narcotic prescription drugs and suffering because of it. Opioids and anti-anxiety medications (also known as sedatives and tranquilizers) are extremely dangerous and can lead to an overdose death.

While you may be aware of the dangers involved with these specific types of prescription drugs, you may not have a lot of information about a popular medication called Gabapentin. (Brand name Neurontin). Abuse of this drug is on the rise globally – and it is not without its consequences.

What Is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin – known also as “gabby” or “gabbies” – was initially created by chemists looking to treat neuropathic pain (also known as nerve pain). It is also approved to treat epilepsy. However; many doctors prescribe it for “off-label” uses like anxiety, depression, body aches and pains, and other health conditions.

Gabapentin works by regulating electrical nerve activity in the brain and nervous system – specifically, it affects neurotransmitters called GABA and glutamate. GABA calms neural activity and glutamate excites it. Although researchers are still learning how Gabapentin works, it is believed to increase GABA and reduce glutamate.

Why Are People Abusing Gabapentin?

Gabapentin – A New Drug of Abuse Many people are taking this drug in high doses because they say it gives them a similar feeling to that of marijuana or tranquilizers. Because of its calming effect, those who abuse Gabby say it makes them feel warm, peaceful, and relaxed.

Also, Gabapentin is easy to get in most places. Doctors prescribe it freely because the side effects are minimal and it isn’t as dangerous as opioids or sedatives. (It is the third most commonly prescribed medication in the United States). It is also very inexpensive. Nevertheless; those who take this drug should be warned – it can cause addiction.

Gabapentin Can Cause Withdrawal and Overdose

Most people who abuse Gabapentin have a prescription of their own or they use someone else’s prescribed medication. However; many buy this drug on the black market, although they have a low street value.

It can be easy to justify taking Gabby because you think of it as being relatively safe. You know that it is not as strong as opioids or tranquilizers, so you might think it’s okay to take high quantities of this drug. That is not the case. Gabby is addictive and can be detrimental to your health.

If you become dependent on gabbies, you will feel as though you need it to function. If you don’t take it, you will experience anxiety, depression, body aches and pains, insomnia and sweats for up to three weeks. Withdrawal is very uncomfortable. Also, you CAN overdose on Gabapentin. If you take too much, your breathing can stop or you could go into cardiac arrest.

For these reasons, if you are abusing Gabapentin, you should get help right away. We can offer you effective treatment services at DARA Thailand so you can kick your gabby habit. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription Drug Abuse – When most people think of drug addictions they picture a person partying while drinking and snorting lines of coke or a junkie with a needle hanging out of their arm, but this is just one aspect of having an addiction. Addiction is actually defined as a chronic brain disease that leads a person to take part in a repetitive behavior, the use of drugs, to attain a feeling that is not part of reality. This means that any substances that can alter your physical or mental reality can be considered addictive. Unfortunately, many people find these substances to be prescription medications.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that approximately 48 million people of the age 12 and older have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons during their lifetime. While this does not mean that every person that has tried this becomes an addict it is a staggering number of individuals willing to take prescriptions without real cause. Prescription Drug Abuse begins much like any addiction. The first time a person chooses to use the medication for a purpose other than what was intended, but over time, the brain chemistry changes and the ability to control the behavior or make appropriate decisions becomes highly impaired. The entire time the person is likely to be misusing more medications.

There are three main classes of prescription medications that are most likely to be abused. These include opioids, typically used to treat pain, central nervous system depressants, used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders, and stimulants, used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Though these are the most commonly abused prescription medications, any medication can be abused and become an addiction.

Reasons For Prescription Drug Abuse

Predisposition to Addiction

There are a variety of reasons a person may become addicted to prescription medication, or any drug, which include biology, social environment, and at what age you first become addicted. The more categories that fit your situation, the more likely addiction will occur. One of the biggest determining factors is the age at which you start using. The younger you begin the more likely full blown addiction will occur.

If you are unsure you fit the description of an addict then consider whether you take larger doses of your medication than your doctor prescribes or for reasons other than why they are prescribed. Are you calling for extra refills or making up excuses as to why you ran out early? These are signs of addiction.

DARA Rehab Can Help

If you do realize you have an addiction to prescription medication then now is the time to seek treatment. One option is to include non-addictive medications in your treatment of the disorder that put you on prescription meds. Try talking to your doctor about alternatives. You may need something to treat the withdrawal which can also be solved by speaking to your doctor. For serious addictions an inpatient treatment option may be best. There are numerous placements that can help. Simply do your research and find several that may fit your needs and make the call. You can get better if you choose to do so. Make the right decision.

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Resort Environment at DARA Thailand

Resort Environment – A Bridge To Addiction Recovery

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There are many reasons why people keep struggling with overcoming substance abuse or addiction. One of these reasons is that many addicts usually remain living in an environment that fosters drug or alcohol use. They keep on experiencing pressure and temptation either from the people in that environment or from the environment itself. This is the most common reason why the likelihood of a relapse or the inability to quit is usually high with drug former or recent drug addicts. After all the various forms of therapy, addicts still find themselves swimming in the swamp of despondency. Could there be a solution to this problem?

It has been found that if you’re removed from your normal environment, you may respond better to your therapy and move faster on your walk to freedom. Thus, for some, it is a wise move to choose a rehab away from the home front, and close to mother nature herself in order to start off on a clean slate.

What is a resort environment?

If you take a casual attitude or approach toward a resort recovery program, it is a sure way to fail at it. Rehab is serious work and as such should be approached with a serious mind. People have varying views about resort recovery facilities. Many view it as though it is an exotic getaway, while some also believe that resort recovery programs are easy and fun. In all actuality, a resort recovery facility could make all the difference between a short life of dependence on alcohol or drugs and a new life. With a healthy, sober outlook.

Why Choose a Resort-Style Recovery Program?

The 2007 National Survey on Drug Use has found out that over 9 percent of Americans over the age of 12 had some kind of drug or alcohol problem, but that less than 15 percent had received treatment for it. This implies that as at 2007, more than 23 million Americans needed treatment for an addiction. Evidently, a large number of people are going without treatment or therapy for what is clearly a life-threatening condition. Resort recovery facilities have come to the rescue and are uniquely well positioned to meet the needs of addicts who are just beginning on their journey to recovery.

Drug users in the throes of addiction rapidly build up resistance to entering treatment. Treatment is commonly perceived as something that will go so wrong. However, if treatment is presented in an obviously pleasant environment, drug addicts will see a restful escape from the pressures of the life that active alcoholics or drug addicts face.

What is a good resort center?

Resort Environment at DARA Rehab Thailand
A good resort environment recovery center has a wonderful atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to new residents. The center should also try their best to relieve the new residents of the anxiety they feel about beginning the rehab process. Many resort centers are set up to handle a range of dependency issues. Although some focus and specialize on just one form of addiction. Only a few facilities are integrated. There is also a limit to contact with visitors to better maintain a being therapeutic environment.

Be sure to ask some questions about the resort recovery facility on the following areas to help you know how suitable and reliable it is for treatment. Some things to look for are:

Program specifics. How strictly do they adhere to the program?

 Accessibility. Will it be possible to receive visitors? At what stage in the program can they receive visitors?

Amenities. Does this resort environment recovery facility have private rooms? Can I play my favorite game?

Duration. What is the maximum stay allowable?

Be sure to ask every question you have in mind before joining the resort environment.  


Every individual is different in his or her addiction and is very different in terms of motivation background, and ability to move toward a life of sobriety. Reach out for the help that is available. If you or someone dear to you has a problem with alcohol or drugs why not contact us today?

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Tramadol addiction

Tramadol Addiction

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Tramadol Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate between or among people nor does the substance discriminate. While some people start with illegal drugs, many fall into addiction with prescribed medication that then gets out of hand. One such medication is Tramadol. Tramadol is a pain killer that has been on the rise in use and abuse. While there are legitimate uses for Tramadol, it can quickly become a need for the patient. If the doctor then removes the prescription the need to procure the medication in illegal manners may occur. If you are taking, considering taking, or are already suffering from Tramadol Addiction read on as you may be surprised at the staggering abuse rates that have been on the rise the last few years.

It seems that Tramadol has become the new OxyContin even though it was once thought to be the answer to this addiction. In fact, Tramadol was created to counteract the increasing threat of opioid addiction. But the abuse rates of this drug are far above what many predicted. Though many will blame this on ‘pill mill’ doctors, which are a problem. The actual issue is the lack of monitoring and the addict’s desire to get what is needed by any means necessary. Though addiction is a disease, it is a disease in which the person makes choices and those choices have consequences.

Tramadol addictionSo is Tramadol as addictive as OxyContin?

Initially this medication was classified as a non-scheduled drug which meant it was not closely monitored. But with increasing addictions to the medication it has been reclassified. Some studies have shown it to have similar effects to those of oxycodone with an enjoyable ‘high’ at higher doses and a withdrawal period for those who have been using the medication long term. In fact withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, delusions, paranoia, tinnitus, and hallucinations. Despite the similarities there are important differences. Tramadol acts on serotonin and nor epinephrine parts of the body to contribute to the pain relieving effects. But this means unique withdrawal and side effects not typical of other narcotics. This also means that a Tramadol overdose is more difficult to treat.

As concerns for Tramadol addiction are on the rise the need for rehab centers that treat this type of addiction have also increased. These types of centers are available and willing to help those that seek help. If you have an addiction to Tramadol or any prescription medications then do not be ashamed of needing help. Even though it is likely that the medication was or is needed at one time. An addiction is still very real. If this is a medication that is still needed, than it can be monitored until an alternative prescription or other form of help can be established. Please also note that simply taking yourself off of a medication like Tramadol cold turkey without monitoring can be dangerous to your health and well-being.

DARA Rehab Can Help With Tramadol Addiction.

If you are ready to make the choice to seek help then know it is available to you, simply ask. Do your research and choose a facility that meets your needs and can help put you on the road to healing.

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