Ecstasy (MDMA) has Found a Market in Oceania

Ecstasy (MDMA) has Found a Market in Oceania

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What is Ecstasy?

Plain and simple, ecstasy is a recreational drug that is supposed to contain MDMA. Once a legal drug to treat depression, once the addictive properties became clear, this drug was made illegal for all uses. As mentioned, ecstasy is sold with buyers often believing it contains MDMA, but this is rarely the case. To offer a better understanding look at the quoted statistic below from Science Direct (2005):

61% of ecstasy tablets that were tested contained other drugs; 46% of ecstasy pills contained 0 MDMA; and 39% contained only 5% MDMA

This means ecstasy is not all it is thought to be. A large number of pills are mixed with DXM, the main ingredient in cough medicine, caffeine, methamphetamine, pseudo-ephedrine, and many unknown substances. A combination of medications and unknown substances can be dangerous as the user may have a reaction or die from a deadly combination.

Ecstasy most often comes in pill form. The pills are usually colorful with a picture or symbol on each. The picture or symbol represents the maker and a specific type or strain is often sold exclusively by a given dealer. Just because the same picture is on two pills it does not mean the pills contain the same ingredients in the same amounts. Since ecstasy is not regulated, due to it being illegal, the potency or amounts of any given ingredient are totally unknown.

Oceania Ecstasy Market

Though ecstasy use has leveled out or even dropped in some places, Australia and New Zealand continue to have a large market for the drug. This is likely because Western and Central Europe remain large scale trafficking hubs for ecstasy among other drugs. Specifically, high levels of ecstasy use continue to be reported in Oceania. In the past year the prevalence rates for ecstasy use in the region are the highest in the world. This makes the 24 countries in this region a hot bed for ecstasy use.

Though there is no single reason why this highly diverse area is such a hotbed for ecstasy, part of the problem may be related to the environment. Oceania is faced with considerable challenges related to poverty, political instability, and poor governance and technical capacity. The area is also in close proximity to major drug producing countries in East Asia. This all comes together to create a highly trafficked area with plenty of supply.

Effects of Ecstasy

The effects of ecstasy are dependent upon what is mixed to create the pill. If taking pure ecstasy, which would be an anomaly today, then the world could feel perfect and the user totally euphoric with enhanced touch and bodily sensations. Users may also feel a greater empathy toward others and seem to connect on a deeper level. The side effects of coming down from pure MDMA appear to be jaw clenching, lack of appetite, thirst, impaired balance, and anxiety.

Taking ecstasy that has other substances mixed in, as most ecstasy, can mimic the effects of pure ecstasy with increased alertness and euphoria, but may also lead to anxiety. These more common forms of ecstasy are often found at music festivals, nightclubs, house parties, or even raves. When people use ecstasy as a party drug it is often in a crowded, over heated environment. This leads to dehydration and many other problems as a person on ecstasy forgets to eat or drink. This is made worse by mixing ecstasy with other drugs or alcohol. Dehydration ultimately leads to the body shutting down and the related complications.

Signs of Ecstasy (MDMA) Use

If you suspect that a loved one has been using or experimenting with ecstasy look for the following signs:

  • Heightened sensory perceptions
  • Increased positive sensations
  • Energy (high levels)
  • Extreme empathy
  • Staying awake for long periods of time (days)
  • Paranoia
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Desire to touch others and be touched
  • Lack of pain perception
  • Jaw clenching or teeth grinding
  • Sweating and thirst
  • Euphoria

These signs and symptoms should decrease as the drug works out of the system, but if the person takes more ecstasy they will return or lead to worse conditions. These may include seizures, rapid heart beat, heart attack, or even stroke.

Getting Help at DARA

Ecstasy (MDMA) has Found a Market in Oceania

If you or a loved one live in Australia or New Zealand and need help in dealing with an addiction, consider DARA. DARA is an affordable, luxury style, in-patient facility with locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, among other countries. DARA facilities not only help with addiction, but work to heal the mind, body, and spirit of each and every patient. This is accomplished through individualized plans for each patient that focuses on counseling, education, and physical wellness. Physical wellness and nutrition are included because addiction harms the body as much as the mind.

It is common for addicts to quit taking care of themselves physically in the areas of nutrition and hygiene. This can lead to health problems that make it even harder to get on the road to recovery. Each day includes a physical activity with a personal trainer and healthy meals prepared by top chefs in the area. As the body heals the mind will follow. Each patient also receives individual and group counseling. Individual counseling covers private matters while group counseling teaches addicts tools that will help in recovery. Group counseling also allows for shared experiences to be brought to the group and people to relate to one another’s triumphs and struggles. Finally, there is an educational component that helps patients understand addiction and what it does to the body over time. When leaving DARA, the hope it that you will be well prepared to stay in recovery long term.

Act Now

When you or your loved one is ready for the help you need and deserve, call DARA. Someone will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also check out the website online to get further information. Life can be better without an addiction to tie you down. Get started on the rest of your life today by calling DARA.

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Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate

Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate

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Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate: What are Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, much like addictions, are no respecter of age, weight, social status, race, or ability. Many feel eating disorders are a lifestyle choice. A choice made simply to fit into a particular mold. However, this could not be further from the truth. Eating disorders are, in fact, serious and many times fatal. It causes illnesses that create severe issues with a person’s eating behaviors. Obsessions with food, body shape, and weight are signals that an eating disorder is developing or exists. The three most common disorders will be described below. Along with potential treatment options.

Anorexia Nervosa

People with anorexia nervosa, most commonly referred to as anorexia, may see themselves as overweight. Even if they are much smaller than is healthy. They are likely to weigh themselves repeatedly during the day while restricted food intake. Sometimes to nothing. Many will end up dying from complications. Or in some cases, suicide. The first notable symptoms are of course a restriction of the amount and types of food they eat. A relentless pursuit of thinness. Plus a distorted body image. The individuals with anorexia will not recognize their unhealthiness. As it persists, they may show thinning of the bones, anemia, muscle wasting, and heart damage. Among other severe signs.

Bulimia Nervosa

Those with bulimia nervosa, typically just called bulimia, have a combination of recurrent binge eating and purging cycles. During binge eating episodes the person will indulge in large amounts of often unhealthy food. Which is then purged from the body by forced vomiting or the use of laxative and diuretics. Unlike anorexics, bulimics often maintain a healthy weight. However, they are not healthy. Symptoms of bulimia are a chronically sore throat, swollen glands in the neck and jaw. May also include acid reflux, severe dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances. Though a healthy weight is often maintained, the binging and purging cycle is tough on the body. It all results in a slow breakdown of the system.

Binge-Eating Disorder

Unlike bulimics and anorexics, binge eaters are typically overweight or obese. This is due to excessive overeating over time. Symptoms of binge eating include consuming large amounts of food in a short amount of time. As well as eating quickly, and eating when not hungry or already full. Many binge eaters will also hide their eating habits. Frequently diet without weight loss. Often feel shame and guilt over their behavior.


Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate

Each of these eating disorders is dangerous. Each require specific treatment. The use of individual, family, and group therapy are popular. Medical care monitoring, nutritional counseling, and medications are often necessary. Through these treatments the person can learn to live a healthy life. All while taking care of themselves. The biggest obstacle to treatment for eating disorders is that unlike other addictions, eating is necessary. Most addiction treatments teach abstinence from the problematic substances. However, food is needed for survival. The sufferer must learn to live in a healthy relationship with food. If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder than seek help immediately. DARA offers inpatient facilities that will support you or your loved one on their journey to a much healthier life that can be truly enjoyed.

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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Meth

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Meth

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Meth Addiction – A Worldwide Problem

Methamphetamine addiction has taken the world by storm. Beautiful international locales like Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the United States, and Asia have all been surged with crystal meth, which is causing devastation and destruction. Most people are surprised to learn that methamphetamines are the second most commonly used illegal substance in the world. Marijuana is number one.

Meth (also known as “ice”) is a central nervous stimulant that causes a user to feel speedy. It increases energy, which allows users to stay awake for days and even weeks at a time without food. Many say they feel superhuman when they abuse this drug and love the euphoria it creates. Ice addicts believe they can get more accomplished when they use the drug and like the way it makes them feel.

The problem is, ice is a very dangerous and highly addictive drug that can destroy the life of an individual and their family. While the high might feel great at first, there is only a downside to methamphetamine use.

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t use meth:

# 1 Meth rots your teeth and causes gum disease.

meth mouthHave you ever heard “meth mouth?” It is a legitimate condition. Ice is manufactured using harsh and abrasive chemicals that destroy the teeth and gums. Eventually, using this drug for an extended period of time can cause total annihilation of every tooth in someone’s mouth. Some people have to get all of their teeth removed because they can not be repaired. Meth mouth isn’t pretty. If you want to save your smile, you will have to give up the speed.

#2 Meth is an expensive habit.

Although it doesn’t cost very much to make ice, dealers jack up the street value so they can make more money selling their product. Many people rob and steal to support their habit or they look to their families to help them get their next fix. Some people sell their own bodies. Meth is highly addictive and always leaves you wanting more. If you want to have something to show for your money, don’t spend it on ice.

# 3 Meth causes you to violate your own values.

Ice causes people to do things they wouldn’t normally do if they were sober. People cheat on their spouses, disappoint their children, become unproductive employees, steal from the people they care about, and become all-around dishonest people in the course of their addiction to this drug. When most people get into recovery, they feel terrible about the things they did while they were hooked.

DARA Thailand Can Help You Find Freedom From Meth Addiction

No matter where you are in the world, DARA Thailand would love to have you come to us for treatment. We can help you recover from ice addiction and get your life back on track. Nothing good every comes from an addiction to ice. Before things get worse, contact us. We are here to help.

we believe in you

We Believe In You

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At DARA Thailand, We Believe In You.

We Believe In You – Recovery Is Possible

At DARA Thailand, we believe in you. We believe that no matter what issue you are wrestling with, you can recover from it. People come to us from all over the world struggling with all kinds of addictions – including gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, pornography, and food. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients find freedom from these addictions and we can help you too.

We believe it is important that you know we believe in you. Why? Because by the time most people come to us for treatment services, they no longer believe in themselves. This is a painful place to be. When you feel as if you cannot trust yourself, you wonder how you can ever get better.

Here at DARA Thailand, we will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Addiction Causes A Loss Of Trust And Self-Confidence

Usually, people who have an addiction try again and again to give up their habit on their own many times before they seek help. They promise themselves they will never do “it” again – whether the “it” is drugs, gambling, watching pornography, or binge-eating. The problem is, they end up doing “it” once again and they feel totally ashamed of themselves.

Addicted people also make promises to friends and family members that they will change – only to wind up doing “it” again. This causes a loss of trust in important relationships. When the people closest to you are angry and resentful at you because you continue to do the very thing you promised you wouldn’t do, it can cause feelings of guilt and a loss of self-worth. This leads someone with an addictive habit to completely stop believing in themselves – which ultimately perpetuates the addictive cycle.

We Believe In Us And Our Ability To Help You Recover

Not only do we believe in you, we believe in ourselves. We think it is important that you know this too. We have absolute confidence in our team because they are highly trained and skilled behavioral health experts. Also, we implement effective treatment models that bring about a change in thinking and behavior; which results in fulfillment, personal freedom, and a new outlook on life. 

We have seen many people come through our program feeling completely hopeless and defeated. When they first arrive, they don’t believe in themselves and they are skeptical about whether or not we can help them. Nevertheless, when they leave, they have a restored sense of self-confidence and they are hopeful about their future. Those who complete our program go on to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Ready To Believe In Yourself Again?

we believe in youIf you feel trapped in a cycle of addiction, we are here to help. We encourage you to contact us so that you can be assessed by one of our specialists. We will recommend a treatment plan and talk to you about travel plans. DARA Thailand is an affordable luxury rehabilitation facility that welcomes people from around the globe to come and stay with us.

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