Get Rid of Raccoon

How to Get Rid of Raccoon

Preventing raccoons from penetrating your property is still much better than killing them.  This article will help you prevent unwelcome foes from coming over without the use of repellents and without killing them. Raccoons are not interested in your home; they just need a place to stay that’s why they come over. Your home might be a simple alternative for them, especially if it is not newly constructed. Food is also another reason why they come over. If there is a constant amount of food around the house, they will not want to travel far from the source. Garbage bins, bird feed and pet food may be the best sources of food for them.

Things to do to prevent raccoons

  • Place the garbage in a safe trash bin with thick lid. It’s possible to lock it or place it in a locked area like the garage. You can also spray the bin with ammonia to drive raccoons away. You can also use the trash bag with mint fragrance. They don’t like the smell of mint and ammonia.
  • Place baffles on bird feeder poles, this will prevent raccoons from climbing.
  • Make sure there are no trees near the bird feeder from where the raccoon may jump or climb.
  • Take the pet food inside the house at night time.
  • Cut the trees from your home to prevent easy access of raccoons to the roof.
  • You can use metal flashing to wood beams and corners of the house to prevent these foes from climbing.
  • Check around the house for old construction and openings where raccoons may create an easy access to the house. Be sure that the home repairs are durable enough. These are strong animals with a hand like front paws.


You can also install fences around the house, but be mindful that ordinary fences cannot do anything to prevent them from coming in the yard, since they can jump, dig and climb.  You can also install a motion sensitive water sprayer through the yard or fences that are electrically powered.  Your goal is to prevent raccoons from coming over and bring diseases into your household. You can do this by asking a contractor to do some repair, especially in the attic where the foes might possibly live.  Because your goal is to not make them come back again, doing some home repair and installing fences can help in securing your home against raccoons.  You will not end up killing them if you know the right way to safeguard your home.