Alternatives for Vaporizer Glass Wands

The Introduction

The glass wand and whip work in unison in order to function properly. It is the most crucial part of a vaporizer. The herbs are vaporized while in the glass piece. The herbs are heated the use of a stainless steel screen, which is where the herbs are placed. The heating elements for these wands can be used with either hands free connection or the traditional connection.

Various Alternatives

There are only three alternatives of the Vaporizer Glass Wands wand that are worthy of mentioning. They include the hemp wick, the butane lighter and the herb irons. The hemp wick is made of hemp fibers. The hemp fibers are naturally produced from the hemp stalk. The fibers are like a thread. Hemp is taxonomically classified as a cannabis plant. This makes the production of hemp in Canada to be regulated by Health Canada. Producers are only allowed to plant certified seeds. The hemp wick is a good alternative to the glass wand because residue does not stick on it like glass on the wand. The hemp wick does not burn at high temperatures. This means that the plant material will produce a smooth vapor, which will not strain your lungs while you inhale. On the down side the hemp does not burn completely which brings up the question if carbon monoxide is produced while it combusts.

Alternatives for Vaporizer Glass Wands

The second alternative is the butane lighter. The lighter has its pros and cons while using it. One of the advantages is that the butane will burn completely and produce water and carbon dioxide. The letter will also burn at a higher temperature. This ensures that most of the active compounds in the herb are released into the vapor. Some people say that the chemical butane will have an effect on your health and that sometimes they can taste the butane in the vapor. If the butane is not completely burns and it escapes, it can cause asphyxia or drowsiness

Last but not least is the herb irons. It uses a ceramic element for heating. The herb iron is advanced and easy to use as it is activated by pressing a button. It does not take much time before the ceramic element reaches optimum vaporizing temperature. To deactivate the herb iron you simply stop pressing the button. If properly used, the ceramic can last a long time before it burns out. The herb iron is not complicated to use and is not as expensive as the butane lighter and does not produce toxic gases. The downside of the herb iron is that it can get extremely hot and it will burn the herbs or blend. Others have complained that the vapor produced has some kind of metallic taste. That is really unpleasant

Well, there you have it, three of the best alternatives when it comes to Vaporizer Glass Wands. They are good to use, it all depends with what a person is comfortable with as you cannot single out one of them.

Key Points To Look For In Vaporizer Reviews

Vaporizers are the newest technological advancement in the tobacco industry. With a wide range of designs and heating methods available, vaporizers offer consumers adaptability to fit their individual needs. However, choosing the right vaporizer can be difficult; with convection and conduction vaporizers available on the market, it is important to determine which product will be the best fit. Research and education are important in determining the right product, and reading vaporizer reviews on the various options is a great place to start.

There are a wide variety of vaporizer products on the market today. Each product offers consumers reliability, functionality, and affordability, and consumers have many options available to them within these categories. While vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking, there are still some key points to look for when choosing the right vaping product. Vaporizer reviews offer real opinions by real people who have used the product, so consumers are given a real world look at their options. Still, with all of the choices available, it’s important to know what to look for within these reviews.


The heating element of a vaporizer is one of the most important functions in a vaporizer, so it should be reviewed extensively. With many styles to choose from, most of the standard designs allow users to manually control the temperature of the unit, with defined levels of heat, in order to get the desired comfort level of the vapor. In addition to standard units, more extensive models are equipped with digital thermostats that automatically control the temperature, to ensure that an even amount of heat is distributed throughout the unit. Vaporizer reviews can reveal which types of vaporizers were difficult, versus which were user friendly, among consumers, helping to narrow down the choices for a curious individual.

Another key point to look for in vaporizer reviews is the consensus between battery operated units and units that run on electricity. Battery operated units will likely need to have the batteries replaced every few months, depending on how much the unit is used. With electrical units, there is no need to purchase batteries, or worry about the unit becoming inoperable due to battery drain; users just charge the vaporizer between vape sessions. Vaporizer reviews can let potential customers know how often a certain model needs its batteries replaced, or how often it needs to be charged, which can have a huge monetary impact on a user’s decision.

It is also important to read reviews on the overall health and life of the unit through the cleaning process. It is important to clean the unit often, so it’s very important to choose a model that is easy to clean, as this ensures that the aromas and flavors are enhanced with every use. Some top of the line models offer vaporizing units that need very little cleaning, due to specially designed balloons that can be easily cleaned out and reused, while some units have a built-in, automated cleaning process, so the user never has to worry about cleaning the unit themselves. Reviews can give insight on how many consumers had easy, pleasant cleaning experiences, as well as models that were a nightmare for the user, which can heavily influence a purchasing decision.

One final, important factor to keep in mind while reading vaporizer reviews is that vaporizers come in many different styles and sizes. The volcano style vaporizers allow convenient table top operation, which can support multiple users at once, while smaller, portable models allow users to vape on the go, allowing the unit to fit comfortably in any pocket or handbag for easy access. Regardless of the unit chosen, users will need to review each product to make sure that it fits their personal style and needs, ensuring that the best decision was made for the user’s needs and budget.

Pros and Cons: Vaporizer vs. Pipe

Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

A vaporizer is a device which heats up herbs to a temperature at which they release their active components into an aromatic vapor. The vapor doesn’t contain any of the toxic elements found in smoke. It is much healthier to use a vaporizer because the smoke will not damage the lungs. On the other hand a pipe is a device made to allow the user to inhale smoke or vapor extracted from the burning or vaporization of some herb. The smoke from the pipe contains toxins which are harmful to the smoker, lungs may be damaged.

The vaporizer heats up the herb in order to extract its contents, it does not completely burn the herb. This is beneficial to the user as the lungs only getting the important extracts. The pipe burns the herb completely releasing the smoke. The extracts are found in the smoke which is inhaled for us to feel the effects.

The vaporizer is more efficient as all the active ingredients are released in the vapor and is inhaled before it escapes into the atmosphere while the pipe is inefficient in that the smoke which is produced after burning the herbs comes into contact with the flame fifty percent of the active ingredient is destroyed. This shows that it is better to use a vaporizer than a pipe.

The vaporizer also does not produce any smell because nothing is actually burning in it. This is an advantage, you will have a bad smell in the room or your clothes won’t have an odor however I cannot say the same about a pipe. Pipe produces an odor that not only will it interfere with other people but it sticks on your clothes and wherever you go the smell follow you.

The vaporizer eliminates the chance of somebody becoming a secondary smoker. The vapor can be stored in a bag, and then inhaled while a pipe releases smoke in all directions and the person sitting g or standing next to you inhales the smoke involuntarily. This is a nuisance to the public and everyone else who does not smoke.

Smoking using vaporizer you do not need to have an ashtray. The herbs whose extracts have been fully utilized can be disposed of later at the convenience of the user. On the other hand, after prolonged smoking using the pipe, it sometimes becomes clogged due to the burning and smoke build up. You have to clear it before using it again.

Smoking using a vaporizer keeps the teeth white and clean and the tongue continues to function normally. Using a pipe leads to the yellowing of teeth and the taste buds on the tongue stop functioning properly hence the taste of food is affected.


It is wise for a person to use a vaporizer compared to a pipe. The pipe is an old age fashion of smoking with a lot of health issues. The vaporizer is clean and healthy, choose wisely.

Canadian Government Regulation on Vaporizers: Big Brother


The government regulation on vaporizers of vaporizers in most countries is still pending because of the lack of proper knowledge of the technology being used. In Canada, as of March 2014, while the importation, sale, and advertising of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is permitted, manufacturers and retailers may not make any claims about the products’ efficacy for any health purpose. Current rules and law vary widely, from regions with no regulations for others banning the vaporizer entirely.

Government Regulations

sa6Up to date, health Canada has never allowed stores to sell nicotine-filled cartridges, but they are available online and at some black markers. As vaporizes continue to grow in popularity, some of the health workers want them to be regulated. The vaporizer is a battery-operated device that uses a liquid-filled cartridge that can contain menthol, tobacco or other flavorings. The contents are vaporized into a smoke and are inhaled. Some cartridges also contain nicotine. Health Canada tells its citizens that vaporizers may pose a health risk. The safety, quality and efficacy remain uncertain.

As burning smoke became old fashioned, the vaporizers in the form of electronic cigarettes came into being. E-cigarette is important, particularly to the smokers of tobacco. A person has a better chance of quitting to smoke by using e-cigarettes, other methods like using patch, gum and others has proved to have little success. Health Canada and the Electronic Cigarette Trade Associations are in discussions to find a way to regulate electronic cigarettes.

There is no proper framework for the usage of vaporizers from the government regulation on vaporizers. The Canadian government is reluctant to conduct a study so as to be able to put in place a law that governs the distribution and usage of the vaporizers. In Canada, all vaporizers have been banned by the conservative government. It is a serious offense to sell vaporizers and is punishable by a jail term. Vaporizers in Canada are not popular with the government because it seems that most users are using them to vaporize marijuana which is illegal. The vaporizers are relatively new. They were invented in 2003. Information about their long term effects is unclear hence the reluctance of the government to legalize.

If the e-cigarettes are found to be smokers in quitting, then the government will have to take that into consideration and think of legalizing it. Health Canada has allowed the sale of a few smoking cessation aids. No electronic smoking product has been granted a market authorization in Canada. E-cigarettes fall within the scope of the Food and Drugs Act, and under the Act it, requires market authorization before they can be imported, advertised or sold in Canada. Government officials do not want a ban on e-cigarettes. Many are now being made by tobacco companies. The government does not want them to be advertised and that its use is restricted in public areas.

All we can do now is hope that thorough research is done on them and finally they become legal. It is already obvious that they are far much better than smoking cigarettes.

Running head: A Closer Look at the Arizer Extreme Q


The Extreme Q Vaporizer is the latest model produced by Arizer. It’s a multi-functional vaporizer that offers a wide variety of features. Its fan has been made quieter. It has three heat sensors. Using only glass parts, the Extreme Q has all the essential parts you would expect from a high-end vaporizer including a remote control. Arizer has currently made available to the market 3 versions of it. You can identify each version by looking at the highest heat setting. Although each and every single unit of the Extreme Q is made of a ceramic heater, the difference is in the temperature reading on the display.

Various Features

The Arizer Extreme Q is a dual purpose vaporizer, meaning it has both balloon and a whip delivery method. The whip is long and rotates which makes it very efficient while using it. It also has a digital temperature LCD read-out. It displays various vital readings, for example the actual temperature reading, the timing and speed of the fan.


The vapor produced by it is nice as the vapor can fully cool down before inhalation. Its ability to extract vapor using both systems is excellent as it allows the vapor to have great consistency and flavor. The balloon mode is favored over the whip because it produces a smooth vapor. The bags are filled in about one and a half minutes, that is, on the highest setting, but if you want a thicker smoke, medium fan speed is favored and it will take a bit longer.

Most of the parts of Arizer Extreme Q are made of glass. Glass is particularly useful in that it does not react with any chemicals. This means that the vapor produced is completely free of toxins. The Extreme enables you to select the exact required or desired temperature. It has a digital display which is very accurate and allows you to select the temperature. It performs very efficiently both in high temperature settings and low temperature settings. The recommended temperature is 210 degrees because it produces good smoke.

As already mentioned earlier that the Extreme-Q is a dual purpose vaporizer, a potpourri dish can also be added which can be used for heating botanicals for air freshening purposes.

It has an interchangeable mouth piece. This reduces the chances of a person spreading a disease or infection to another person because there is no need for sharing the mouth piece.

The Arizer Extreme is also easy to use, while using the bags or balloon, put in the bowl with the herb, heat to your desired temperature for a few minutes. This allows the glass and herb to heat up and start vaporizing. Switch the fan to run at a desired speed so as to avoid being chocked by the thick vapor. When the bowl is filled with the smoke, you can use the whip to inhale the vapor and enjoy yourself. The Arizer Extreme Q is undoubtedly one of the best vaporizers to be ever built.

2014’s Top Vaporizers


A vaporizer is an inhalation device that is used to obtain the active ingredients of plant material, mostly herbs or blends for the purpose of inhalation. A blend is a product of two or more different substances. Top vaporizers are used as an option to smoking. This is because a vaporizer avoids inhalation of carcinogenic byproducts and toxins. A vaporizer has extraction chambers which are made of glass or metal material. The extraction chambers, including a sequential venture and a straight bore for extracting of the herbal material.

Top Vaporizers for 2014

Volcano Digital

sa4First on the list is the Volcano digital, it is the best technologically sophisticated vaporizer in the market nowadays. It has a vent balloon liberation device which helps in easily filling your vaporizer with minimal effort. It has a particularly designed best aluminium heat exchanger, which gets the air reliably and cleanly to the preferred temperature. It is very easy to operate and use.

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is portable and can be carried around easily due to its light weight and size. It has a dual-purpose, one is that it functions as a balloon and secondly as a whip-style vaporizer. It has a straight forward interface which makes it easy to use. On the front of the vaporizer it has a small LED screen that displays the temperature, fan power, lights, and even a sleep timer. All of which can be adjusted by remote control from a comfortable distance.

Silver Surfer

The silver surfer was introduced into the market in 2002. It is the first vaporizer which uses ceramic and glass heating elements which helps in producing a nice clean flavor from your herbs. It comes with a glass wand and a mouth piece. The main benefit of it is that it produces a nice potential vapor, which has a nice taste. It has a good design and is considerably durable and long lasting. It also does not warm up on the exterior surface.

Ploom Plax Vaporizer

The ploom plax is sleek and it’s one of the best Top vaporizers. It’s also very small and discreet, it can be hidden anywhere. You can turn it on and off quickly. It is highly efficient because with as little as 0.2g of herbs in the chamber, it should give about 10 good draws. The heat up time is incredibly quick at about a minute. It is also easy to use by just packing the bud into the chamber at the bottom. Battery life is nice too, it lasts for around an hour from a complete charge and after that it also recharges in just about an hour.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da buddha is convenient because if its size and has a simple analog dial for setting the temperature. It has a tube attachment and a mouth piece. It allows one to diffuse essential oils directly into the room. The Buddha vaporizer is suitable for individuals that want quick set up time, little maintenance. It is portable, easy to carry around. You have the option of taking the stationary vaporizer from one place to another easily. It is easily affordable and is very durable if used properly.