Trazodone High – Recreationally Not Worth The Try!


Let’s consider whether those seeking a Trazodone high will end up delighted or disappointed.

To get the full perspective it is important to look at what the drug is, what its intended use is, how it works, how it affects different people and what risks are involved.

It is important to point out that Trazodone has benefits for those who are seriously in need, in terms of recreational users, it is important they understand the full implications of seeking a Trazodone high for the fun of it before venturing down this route.

What is Trazodone?

It is an anti-depressant medication that works by boosting a major mood chemical of the brain. This naturally occurring chemical is Serotonin and research has shown that those suffering from depression have a Serotonin imbalance.


Depression comes in many forms from mild to severe with many stages in between. It is a fact of life that we will all suffer from bouts of depression at certain stages of our lives.

One certainly does not fit all:

Depression does not come in a ‘one fits all box’. It affects different people in different ways. A common form of depression is temporary feelings of sadness. This is best dealt with by talking to friends, doctors and if required specialists in the field.

You should not keep depression to yourself. By bottling up such feelings the great likelihood is that you will compound the problem with the potential that these actions will lead to deeper problems.

Medication is not the first, and certainly not the only answer, but if your doctor feels you are sufficiently depressed to warrant medication then this will be recommended.

Some signs and symptoms of depression:

Some of the main signs of depression will include feelings of listlessness and a lack of energy. If you begin to cry you find it becomes uncontrollable. Sleep is another major pointer. Many who are depressed find they either want to sleep all of the time or not at all. Such symptoms will have knock on effects in terms of difficulty concentrating and in regard to your decision making.

The things that used to interest you in life don’t anymore, and there is a likelihood you will feel angry and irritable with the potential to ‘blow up’ at minor incidents never be far from the surface.

There is also the possibility of having unexplained headaches or other body aches while weight is another pointer. You may find that you either pile on weight or see it drop off quite alarmingly.

If you find a swing of 5 pct. in your weight either way over the period of a month this should be seen as potentially serious, and the fact that depression is affecting you.

Many people also become more reckless. Signs here include increasing your use of narcotics, gambling far more, or driving far more carelessly.

These are certainly not the only signs, but the more you suffer from, the more serious the depression will become.

How does Trazodone work?

If your doctor prescribes a course of Trazodone then they will do so with the aim of balancing the Serotonin levels in your brain.

You should not expect instant results. The way in which the drug works can mean it will take 2 weeks or longer before the desired Trazodone high is seen.

The benefits seen should include mood elevation, a decrease in anxiety, your appetite should level out and energy levels increase. Those suffering from sleep issues should find improved sleep patterns, and you will generally feel far better with the world.

What you should avoid:

This drug is certainly not to be taken lightly. Whilst on a course you should not drink alcohol. This is because Trazodone is known to increase the effects of alcohol which can in turn compound problems with your health.

The same goes for opting to take a drug cocktail. This is never a sensible option in any light, but this drug can react very adversely if mixed. While an increase Trazodone high may seem tempting if you mix it with any barbiturates, or sedatives such as Valium this is definitely not a thing to consider.

Indeed, before taking any other medication including such common medicine as aspirin you should first check that it is safe to do so with your physician.

Other things to take into account is that when you have been lying or sitting, do not try to get up too quickly. If you do there is a chance you will feel dizzy and may even lose your balance.

The drug can also affects some people’s reactions and thinking, so be extra alert and careful if you are driving or carrying out any task that requires alertness.

A simple rule here is if you have any doubt about a task. Do not do it!

Side effects:

It is important to remember that you have been prescribed this medication because your doctor feels the benefits will far outweigh any possible side effects, and it must be said that in many cases users suffer no or minor side effects.

Some rare, but serious side effects include intense feelings of confusion, weakness, dizziness or severe eye pain. If you do suffer from any of these and other symptoms your doctor will inform you of, seek medical attention immediately.

Less serious, but things you should inform your doctor of are an increase in nausea, physically vomiting, regular drowsiness or dizziness, increased headaches or blurred vision. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but anything affecting you differently whilst on a course of the drug should be reported as a priority.

Trazodone High

The conclusion to achieving a Trazodone high should be placed firmly in context. For those suffering from major depressive disorders the regulated and prescribed use of the drug has been seen in many cases to lift the sufferer’s mood, and allow them to get on with life where they would otherwise struggle.

For recreational users there is very little evidence that searching for a high from this drug works in any shape or form, indeed at best the urgent need to sleep is all the vast majority will achieve.

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